Hotel Chain

Augmented reality improvingyour hotel experience.


Our partnership with a leading luxury hotel brand had two goals in mind: streamline guests' needs prior to, and during, their stay and to build loyalty through each visit. We concepted an augmented reality experience that integrates all aspects of the hotel. Unfortunately, this project was put on pause due to the pandemic and we’re only able to show a small portion of our work.

  • Design Sprints
  • User Interface
  • Prototyping
  • Augmented Reality
Summer 2019

Augmented reality focused on improving hotel stays.

Traditional dependencies on hotel staff that guests have no choice but to endure have been removed. Guests are given the ability to curate their stay prior to arriving at a given hotel. We’ve put this control in the hands of the guests, empowering them to establish room preferences prior to their arrival, check-in based on location, and enter their room from a singular application.

A keyless entry to personalized rooms.

Hotel keycards, after you’ve been assigned a pair, easily lose their ability to unlock doors, sending guests back to wait in lines. Unlocking doors though NFC capability or a randomly generated four number token means guests no longer need to wait in lines for a physical key. They also receive a notification welcoming them to the hotel acknowledging their digital key is now available.
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