Chicago Lights

Reinventing a Chicagosocial impact icon.


Chicago Lights shines as a leader in the fight for social justice and economic empowerment. Working closely with over 4,000 individuals each year in Chicago, their organization is improving the academic, financial, and community health of their constituents. We're proud to help them tell their story.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Responsive Development
December 2018 – Present

Amplifying a story of social good.

Working closely with Chicago Lights, we crafted a new mission statement and brand identity that perfectly embodies the spirit of their organization. To highlight their efforts, we developed a unique storytelling experience that captures the impact they've had on the community and the individuals they serve.

Growing donations through digital outreach.

Increasing Chicago Lights program outreach and effectiveness is a core component of their digital strategy. Core to the growth of their programs are the donations needed to support their operations. We focused on creating strong conversion funnels that incentivize donation giving, by clearly communicating how individuals are directly affected by the funds.
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