Innovation management forenterprise organizations.


Clareo has helped companies like Exelon, GE, and Airbus innovate for over fifteen years. They've excelled at helping to generate innovative ideas within large corporations and validate them in the market. Their platform helps manage company-wide innovation efforts - from market analysis to solution generation, validation, and launch.

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February 2019

Turning ideas into action.

Clareo's software had been initially built feature by feature - custom-tailored to meet specific client needs. That meant that they were able to validate minimum viable features and generate immediate revenue - but their platform lacked a cohesive experience. Our work started by understanding how innovation departments intended to use the software and identifying opportunities to help organize or automate their workflows.

Designing an experience that promotes engagement.

Users benefit from increased efficiency and decision-making protocols when they actively utilize Clareo's software. Our initial challenge was to ensure that the experience always incentives engagement, while still allowing users to get in, and get out so that their workflow isn't interrupted. Working closely with Clareo, we began to redesign their platform component by component.

Creating an impact on revenue through design.

Now that we’ve set the foundations of the user experience and interface design, we’re working with Clareo on immediate feature requests and planning their design roadmap around client needs and growth opportunities. One of our first tasks was to create a new user dashboard that allows managers to track the progress of their portfolios and engage their department with an activity feed of content and insights. It acts as a digital innovation hub that’s built to foster collaboration - tying their features into a powerful platform.
A design company creating best-in-class consumer IoT experiences.
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