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International Interior Design Association is the leader in pushing the interior design industry forward. IIDA approached us at a pivotal moment in their history as they began shifting to a digital-servicing model. Everest designed a web experience that brings IIDA’s core value drivers to the forefront for members.

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October 2020

Introducing a new user experience to a global audience.

With IIDA's membership spread across the globe, they've long faced challenges delivering membership value for members that aren't near an IIDA Chapter. We started by re-imagining their digital strategy and focusing on value creation through thought leadership, education, and community. These three pillars persist throughout the site to increase engagement and member retention.

Shining a light on competition and recognition in the industry.

Central to IIDA's work in the interior design industry is the facilitation of globally recognized competitions and annual events. We created new tools to promote IIDA events, encourage competition submission, and recognize shining stars in the interior design profession.

Seeing the forest for the trees.

We designed a clear pattern that funnels users through the specific services that IIDA provides to its membership. The interface is consistent across multiple devices so that members always have an accessible experience.

Fostering education and inspiration for designers.

To accomplish IIDA's mission to further develop the interior design profession, we worked to create a content experience that provides effective thought leadership, allows for continuing education, and inspires the next generation of designers.

Accelerating membership growth through digital services.

Adopting this new digital strategy allows IIDA to provide every member with the tools to grow their skillsets, network, and recognition. Providing this value to members incentivizes both membership growth and retention.
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