User Research & Design Discovery

What We Do

Our foundation for successful engagements begins by creating a shared understanding of UX principles and user needs. We start with user research and then gather insights into your goals and product strategy.

We dive deep into your goals and user behaviors to build a holistic understanding of how we'll create alignment. The stronger our understanding of user needs, the more effective our interfaces become.
Designing an application interface that creates perfect alignment between a company's goals and it's user's needs isn't easy. That's why Discovery is such an integral part of our process. We invest time in building a shared understanding of where we're going and how we'll get there.


  • Research

    • Ethnographic Research
    • Qualitative Research
    • Heuristic Evaluations
    • Observational Interviews
    • Market Research
  • Knowledge Attainment

    • Knowledge Share
    • Data Review
    • Opportunity Analysis
    • Product Strategy
    • Design Principles
  • Deliverables

    • Research Plan
    • Design Library
    • Design Sprint Plan
    • KPIs
    • Foundational Designs
  • Our Discovery Process

    Intuitive experiences can be a joy to use, but they're increasingly hard to create. Our Discovery process has evolved to ensure our work delivers on your specific goals through a bespoke interface.

  • Week 1 - Foundations

    We immediately focus on creating alignment in all areas of consideration for our engagement. Together, we'll dive deep into previous product demos, user research, analytics, and any other documentation you feel will help our work.

  • Week 2 - Definitions, Principles, & Patterns

    Our first step to outlining a strong product strategy is to create a clear definition of the challenge, our users, and the product's positioning. We'll use these Definitions to guide our UX principles and narrow our focus to create the most value.

  • Week 3 - Product Flows, IA, & Taxonomy

    We leverage the knowledge gained during the first two weeks of Discovery to create predictive flows for your users while interacting with the application. These flows serve as the corner-stones of our user experience.

  • Week 4 - Design Direction

    Visual progress begins when we start to iterate through wireframes of various fidelity. We leverage relevant metadata and clear information architecture to exemplify user flows and experiences in the application. Your team will begin to see a strategic vision come to life.

  • Week 5 - Strategy & Deliverables

    Our team gathers our deliverables together and brings choice user flows from wireframe to high fidelity. These early interfaces will display the power and speed of the design system we've been working to create. We'll deliver our Product Requirements document that shows milestones and feature requirements for the remainder of the design engagement.

Product Building Insights

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