What We Do

We design, build and launch connected products and services that give companies new way to reach their consumers.

Collaborating closely with our clients, we design user-friendly software for multi-platform experiences and enterprise applications.

Our success lies in the simplicity of our approach.
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User Experience Design

Focused on designing multi-platform experiences and enterprise applications, we work in iterative sprints, using core UX patterns and principles to guide our work. Everest is unique in our ability to move faster than other agencies, while producing world-class interfaces.

  • 1
    Complex Applications
  • 2
    Proof of Concept
  • 3
    Service Design
  • 4
    Design Prototyping
  • 5
    Usability Testing

Designs Systems

Complex application interfaces require detailed Design Systems to implement quickly and consistently. We work to ensure that design is never a bottleneck for your development process. Your engineers will love our component-based systems and meticulously documented design handoff process.

  • 1
    Atomic Design
  • 2
    Component Libraries
  • 3
    Delivery Specification
  • 4
    Handoff and Training
  • 5
    Implementation Assurance

Discovery & User Research

Our Discovery process is designed to create value within the first week. We begin partnerships by creating a shared understanding of user experience principles to shape the work we do together. Within a month, we deliver a clear strategy and product requirements document that encompasses user engagement opportunities, design foundations, and delivery structures.

  • 1
    Ethnographic Research
  • 2
    Segmentation Studies
  • 3
    Heuristic Evaluations
  • 4
    Observational Interviews
  • 5
    Market Research

Our Approach

  • Our work is rooted in business insights.

    Starting from a foundation of business objectives and ethnographic research, we gain deep insights to develop a product strategy that achieves immediate results, in service of your long-term vision.

  • We create better products faster.

    Through a series of design sprints, we remove assumptions and focus on rapid, small tests with users to uncover product insights. Testing our work in the real world allows us to identify successes and failures quickly, and iterate towards positive outcomes.

  • We become an extension of your team.

    Working intimately with your teams allows us to develop a clear understanding of your organization, people, and challenges. We collaborate closely, with real-time feedback, to accelerate our work and efficacy.

  • Principled and pragmatic engineering.

    Our engineering process is based around a series of principles and desired outcomes, not a list of approved technologies and practices. We work with you to create products that integrate seamlessly with your engineering organization, all while helping transmit the principles that help your engineers develop quickly and fearlessly.

  • We create beautiful, thoughtfully designed experiences.

    We love working with complex functionality and endless user requirements. Our process helps distill dense functionality into intuitive user experiences that are key differentiators for both our B2C and B2B clients.

A design company creating best-in-class consumer IoT experiences.
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