A Better Exchange

Designing the mosttransparent way to trade.


ABE is a fully transparent securities exchange that leverages blockchain to eliminate hidden pay structures. We designed a scalable brand that feels native to big finance, and embodies a more direct way of doing business.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • eCommerce Design
  • Development
  • Content Strategy
March – August 2018

Meet ABE. A Better Exchange.

ABE’s co-founders had each built and sold exchanges to the likes of TD Ameritrade and ICE. When they decided to team up to revolutionize the trading industry again - we helped design a brand that will scale with them.

A more transparent trading platform.

We started by building a brand strategy based on industry analysis and expert interviews to uncover the brand pillars that would resonate most with ABE’s audience. We found that a key early adopter were traders that managed mid-sized clients who may be relatively cautious about blockchain. Instead of building the brand around blockchain, we designed a mark that instantly establishes ABE as a major player in the finance world, and still shows they have an eye on the future.

Seamless from business card to billboard.

The ABE brand has to live well alongside finance industry giants anywhere they are - ushering in a new era of trading across channels, from instagram to subway ads. Their new style guide is built to keep the use of their new logo, colors, typefaces, icons, and marketing material cohesive across every touchpoint.

Elements of the Brand

While blockchain is core to ABE’s technology, it couldn’t define their entire brand because it’s only one of the benefits of the platform. To pull the trading industry into a new paradigm, we built the ABE brand to balance being hardworking and honest - while also being multidimensional and future-facing.
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