The trivia app that pays tooutsmart your friends.


Former Bears player and serial entrepreneur, Israel Idonije, approached us with an idea – challenge friends to games of trivia with real cash on the line. We loved it and have partnered with Idonije to build the company and brand around a global trivia game where higher stakes mean higher rewards.

  • Brand Strategy
  • iOS App Design
  • Android App Design
  • Development
  • Experience Design
Ongoing Partnership

The excitement of a live game show, in an app.

Anyone that’s ever watched a live-game show has wondered what it would feel like to be under the lights, competing for the big prize. We aimed to capture that same experience and make it accessible to everyone, right from their phone.

We immediately began by building rapid-prototypes of the game experience and used near real-time user testing to validate our work. With each iteration, and subsequent user-tests, we developed a more concise vision for both the game mechanics and brand.

Inspired by TV game shows, we designed the game’s aesthetic and interactions to build dramatic tension.

Designed in the hands of players from the ground up.

Through our process of rapid iteration and user interviews, we learned that players engaged most with the app’s more socially competitive elements. We created social hooks and a rewards system that encouraged friendly competition.

Whether challenging a friend for a head-to-head game or challenging an entire group of friends, the experience is just as fun.

Put your knowledge to the test against a group of friends or the entire world. Do you have what it takes to win the cash?

Built for security and scale.

With real money on the line, the security of the app was our first priority. We developed a robust infrastructure and WebSockets to securely pass questions and answers in real-time. For the mobile applications, we chose React Native as the ability to maintain a single codebase was crucial for deploying iterations simultaneously on iOS and Android.
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